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1st EPAL Nafpaktou provides initial professional education & training to secondary school students in the following areas/specialties:
1. Food and Environment Agriculture: Food and Beverage Technologists
2.Electrical, Electronics & Automation: Electricians, Electronics
3.Mechanical Engineering: Technical Vehicles, Refrigeration-Ventilation and Air-Conditioning, Plumbing
4. Finance & Administration: Administration & Economy
5. Information Technology: Tech. PC and PC Networks
6. Health Care & Wellness: Nursing, Aesthetics, Hairdressing
It also provides a post-secondary course of study, booking jobs and providing laboratory courses/supervision for graduates who wish to attend the Post-Secondary Year- Apprenticeship Class.
Usual activities:
a) implementation of national and European programs
b) actions as an eTwinning school, ambassador school of the European Parliament and member of the ASPNET network
c) operation of groups
d) awareness actions/events
e) educational visits

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Partnership projects KA2

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