Type: Youth

Science Entrepreneurship Technology University

SET is among the top-providers of digital innovation-related and entrepreneurial education in Ukraine. It is a private nonprofit institution that operates in a blended format, closely cooperating with IT business companies and startups to bring the up-to-date agile knowledge and practice to its learners. The strategic educational areas are cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, innovations, and startups. […]

Jurmala Kemery Secondary School

Good day! I am presenting Jurmala Kemeri Secondary School. The school is located in Latvia, Jurmala in the very heart of Kemery National Park, that is famous for its historical objects and rare plants inside it. The school is established from year 1936 and is organising learning process for kids from Form 1 to Form […]

Osmangazi Science and Art Center

We are an Educational, Scientific and Art Center in Türkiye. Our school educates gifted students and talented (at music and art) students from 7 to 16 years. We are looking for Erasmus+ cooperations for action key 1 and 2 for school education and youth.

ESSB Saint Benoît

Fruit d’une fusion des institutions Sainte-Agnès et Saint-Martin du centre-ville d’Angers dans le Maine-et-Loire, notre ensemble scolaire comprend, sur trois sites, deux écoles primaires, un collège, un lycée, des classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles scientifiques et un lycée “Nouveau départ”.

Vedruna Balaguer

Our school is part of Fundació Vedruna Catalunya Educació a group of 31 associated schools  with a long history in Catalonia (Span) Vedruna Balaguer (http://www.vedrunabalaguer.cat) is in a quiet small town by the river Segre, it’s two hours far from Barcelona. In our school we have children who are 1 year old and also the […]

Çine District Directorate of National Education

Cine İlce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Cine Directorate of National Education),which is a public body, is the roof organization of all the private and public schools and adult education centres in Çine district. As a public body it supervises, encourages, inspects and disseminates educational activities and projects all around the district.572 teachers and trainers work and […]