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Deadline to apply: 15/11/2023

The project EUproALL aims to address two Erasmus+ programme priorities:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Digital Transformation


  • include teachers with lower level of English language skills to make school more international
  • include students from different backgrounds
  • build tollerant and inclusive classroom for diversity of any kind
  • efficient, sustainable and purposeful use of ICT to foster mental and physical health and wellbeing of students and teachers

The courses and outcomes linked to the priorities are:

  • Basic English for European Projects – teachers who attend this course will be prepared to take part in courses included in this project and regarding their working environment (primary, secondary, vocational). They will also be able to take part in international projects and mobilities in their school e.g. develop eTwinning projects and it will empower teachers’ independent communication with project partners which is one of the most usual barrier why teachers avoid taking part in Erasmus+ programme opportunities.
  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusion with Intercultural Education in the Classroom – in this course techars will gain knowledge and skills how to address multicultural classrooms as well as how to educate students to become tollerant European citizens.
  • The Fundamental ICT Tools for Education – is a course which will help teachers to confidently use the digital tools in the classroom to raise students’ motivation and to create a student-centered classroom.
  • ICT and Outdoor Teaching and Learning – will help teachers to engage students with ICT while spending time outdoors and foster movement for students’ mental and physical health.
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools for Language Teachers – will help schools to keep up with the latest trends in the use of digital tools and new technologies in education.



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