“Finnish Education Exchange: Bridging the World of Learning”

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Deadline to apply: 01/09/2024

This project aims to provide an immersive experience for teachers from Portugal and Brazil to explore the Finnish education system, exchange best practices, and foster international collaboration in education. The project will consist of several key components:


1. Teacher Exchange Program:

  •  a group of teachers from Portugal and Brazil can participate in the program.
  • Collaborate with Finnish educational institutions to host the teachers for a set period (e.g., 1 week).
  • During their stay, teachers will observe Finnish classrooms, interact with Finnish educators, and participate in professional development sessions.

2. Workshops and Seminars:

  • We have workshops and seminars on key aspects of Finnish education, such as student-centered learning, teacher training, and curriculum development.
  • We have also, Finnish education experts and researchers to share their insights and experiences.
  • We do discussions and idea sharing among the participants.

3. School Visits:

  • We have visits to Finnish schools of different levels, from early childhood to high school.
  • Participants can observe classroom practices, teaching methods, and the overall school culture.
  • Foster dialogues with Finnish students, teachers, and administrators.

4. Online Learning Platform:

  • Wecan share resources, lesson plans, and insights gained from their experiences in Finland.

5. Cultural Exchange:

  • We promote teachers to immerse themselves in the Finnish culture and build lasting friendships.

6. Project Evaluation:

7. Dissemination of Best Practices:


8. Sustainability:

  • Seek partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies, and NGOs in Portugal, Brazil, and Finland to secure funding and support for future exchanges.
  • Consider expanding the program to include other countries interested in learning from the Finnish education system.

This project will not only help teachers from Portugal and Brazil gain insights into the Finnish education system but also promote international collaboration, foster cultural understanding, and potentially lead to improvements in the education systems of all participating countries.

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Comprehensive
  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary

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