Debates, Experiential Learning, and Language Teaching through Authentic materials and Role-playing

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Deadline to apply: 12/01/2024

This project aims to create innovative resources for language learning, integrating student-centered methodologies such as classroom debates, storytelling, and role-playing games. The project partners will develop digital materials about today’s relevant topics, addressing the broad theme of common EU-values and their application in EU citizens’ and non-EU citizens’ every-day life.

The target groups of this project are:

–         Language teachers who will be provided with a structured methodology to make their classes more engaging and up-to-date;

–         Adult language learners who will be provided with innovative resources aimed at enhancing their critical thinking skills, their media literacy, and their intercultural competencies.

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Adult
  • VET

What qualities we seek in potential partners

Language schools with adult students will be our preferred partners.


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