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Deadline to apply: 31/08/2024

One of the challenges that our organization is currently facing is in-class diversity. It involves different aspects such as age, qualifications, socio-economic level, employment status, motivation, learning objectives, cognitive style, personality, digital competence, nationality, culture, first language, types of disabilities and migratory situations. This heterogeneity has gradually increased, and it goes hand in hand with the changes experienced by society. Under the circumstances, it is essential that school staff, especially teachers, have the necessary tools to manage diversity in the classroom, and thus guarantee one of the main objectives of education in the European space: INCLUSION. This project will enable our school to improve language teaching within the framework of an inclusive public education system that aspires to quality and equity in teaching. The race towards this goal seeks to attain three main objectives: in the first place, it aims to reflect and raise awareness of the concept of inclusion and the real meaning of an inclusive learning environment; secondly, it provides the school staff with the necessary training to develop diversity management tools and build inclusive learning environments; and lastly, it offers a cross-section of the degree to which teachers are empowered in
the exercise of their teaching activity.

We intend to carry out three job shadowing mobilities to educational centers that share similar characteristics to ours. The participants will plan a follow-up to the daily academic activity in the host center and focus on aspects related to our project ́s aims and objectives. These includeclassroom observation, together with an analysis of the learning environment and how eachspecific school operates. The interaction and exchange of experiences with the host staff will also be
accounted for. In addition, we plan to carry out eleven mobilities involving training courses whose subject matter is related to our project ́s goals.

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Adult

What qualities we seek in potential partners

Center or institution that integrates the teaching of foreign languages to adults.

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