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EuroCompetent offers a wide plethora of intellectual services as well as those related to education and culture. One of the most important activities we offer are training courses for teaching staff on all levels of education, for NGO managers and members, people working with young adults as well as individual professionals and entrepreneur interested in any of our courses. All courses are based on interactive workshops including modern methods of teaching and implementing modern teaching tools. Apart from different topics of courses, our company offers English and German language courses for entrepreneurs and other adult, levels A1 – C2, ICT courses adults particularly senior citizens who need basic knowledge of handling digital gadgets and online services in their everyday lives so precious and necessary in these pandemic eras when lockdown is a constant threat.

We deal with VET mobility programmes for individuals from EU countries who would like to experience of Croatian partners. We are open for your professional and cultural journey and we are positive you we will provide one of the most incredible and unforgettable experiences.

EuroCompetent has a network of partners including protocol and support signed and stamped by both partners. In fact, we are cooperating with large, small and medium enterprises, associations, Chamber of commerce NGOs and schools, so we are able to provide an offer for everybody seeking an opportunity in Croatia.

We also propose multiple services including transport from the airport on demand, accommodation, 24- hour emergency support, dissemination meetings, final reports, certificates of attendance, Europasses.

Mobility for us is not only offering logistic support, it is gaining experience, knowledge , skills and competences, feeling the atmosphere of the country, hospitality of its people and becoming acquainted with its tradition, natural beauties and gastronomy-

We organize courses on andragogy and modern methodology for adult education staff to be implemented in workshops of non-formal education for adults and senior citizens.

Our special focus is on individual approach, social inclusion of individuals, including them in life of local community through service learning and promoting active citizenship with groups of retired people. We are also ready to tailor courses on our clients’ demand even if they are not in our catalogue.

We organise workshops of non-formal education on basic skills and competencies necessary for 21st century labour market for adult education participants on their demand as a supplement to their formal education in other ADU institutions.

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